EuroSurplus was established in 2004 with a vision to grow and be unique and different than the other brokers, in the last few years, we have successfully built a viable infrastructure to support our business, we strongly focused on our OEM relationships, it was a priority for us to understand, share and meet their demands and visions.

We heavily invested on technology and environmental concerns and were among the firsts to become an ISO certified company.

In 2009, our rapid growth was overwhelming, and rather than creating another business entity, we acquire a competitor broker Eco-Office.


In contrast to most existing used equipment brokers, EuroSurplus positions itself as a transparent service provider working in partnership with OEMs to meet their business goals.

We are not your customer, we are your partner.

Investment in Information Technology facilitates sector-leading operational efficiency = superior ROI for you.

Environmental concerns and awareness is being communicated to our vendors as well as our customers across the globe.

We are committed to participate and follow guidelines on how to address environmental concerns to our network.

Tons of toners and supplies had ended in the landfill in the past until we started collecting all the obsolete, outdated, surplus and overstock of it from Europe and found homes for it elsewhere across the world.

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